He's too long … Ouch!

Q: I really enjoy my boyfriend, and we usually have a good time in bed. However, he's really *ahem* long, and I'm really not.

We've tried different positions to alleviate his being too long, but what would really help if there was a sex ring that we could put on his cock during sex to "take up some space" so he wouldn't have to concentrate on going to deep and hurting me.

Is there such a thing?

Wide cock rings can help when he's too big
Not to worry, Shorty. :-) You can indeed get a stretchable cock ring, and have him wear it just around the base of his shaft (rather than around both penis and scrotum, like usual). If you pick out an extra wide cock ring, it should help "take up space" just fine … and if that ring doesn't do the trick, here's a 2 inch wide cock ring that might work even better.

Of course, depending on how hard he's thrusting it's possible that those rings, when stretched around him, won't be thick enough to stop penetration, so I was looking around for something thicker that could serve the same purpose. I found an adjustable cushion and strap set designed to be used with a penis enlargement gadget. Magnum Comfort Cushions look like they'd work perfectly! They're quite thick, and fit over an included adjustable strap.

Good luck, Shorty! :-)

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  1. Sex Toys, Adam & Eve says:

    Great question! It's good to know that there are cock rings (and the Magnum Comfort Cushions) for such an issue.

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