The Rabbit Habit: Not Mr. Right, but a great Mr. Right Now

Vibratex's Elastomer Rabbit Habit:

Vibratex Elastomer Rabbit Habit
Boy oh boy, was I excited to get my hands on the Elastomer Rabbit Habit … Rabbit-type vibes are one of the most famous styles of sex toy out there, thanks to Sex and the City, and I couldn't wait to see if they lived up to their hype!

LOOKS: OK, I'm not thrilled with the purple/sparkly look. Really, it's just not my style. I'd be thrilled if they offered a Rabbit Habit in black, or red, or blue, or any non-see-through, non-sparkly color except pink. But there you go. It's transparent lavender/purple, with iridescent sparkles.

CONSTRUCTION: This model of Rabbit vibe is made of elastomer, which is softer than vinyl, and safer than jelly. Jelly vibes are made with a mix of materials, some of which are softened with chemicals called pthalates, which are suspected of causing hormonal disruption and possibly linked to cancer … in short, I won't use ANY jelly toy, no matter how fun the squishable-yet-firm texture may be. Elastomer, on the other hand, has roughly the same texture as jelly materials, but is both pthalate and latex free (important for folks who're allergic to latex!), so there's no strange chemical worries.

The base of this Rabbit model is made of old-fashioned tan plastic, and all the little parts inside are made of a mix of plastic and metal. (On my vibe, the sliding battery compartment door doesn't seem to latch very snugly, but since I suspect Rabbit vibes aren't really intended for rough play, this hasn't been a problem.)

THE EXTERNAL RABBIT BULLET VIBE: Babeland's page for the Elastomer Rabbit Habit mentions that the angle of the external rabbit vibe was changed for better clit contact during use, and after looking at the picture of the original Rabbit Habit, and the similar Rabbit Pearl, I'm wondering if I'm shaped oddly! ;-) The fact that I can't get a more upright Rabbit combined with the pthalate free material is a shame. That said, the elastomer IS flexible enough for you to reposition the rabbit somewhat after the dildo is fully inserted.

Finding the right speed for the bullet vibe is a little tricky … just when you think you've got it perfect, you change the setting on the shaft control and the rabbit suddenly changes intensity. Good thing the sliders are right there on top, and easy to operate …

THE SPINNING "PEARLS": I was expecting these to be the real knockout feature of the Rabbit Habit, but when I first tried it out, I couldn't even feel them! What a letdown … until a few minutes later, just when I got close to orgasm, and all of a sudden, "HOLY HELL! THE BEADS!" However, if I got overly enthusiastic and squeezed down on the bead section, they stopped moving. After a few more tries, just to make sure, the results were consistent: I didn't notice the fancy spinning beads until right at the end, but boy, just so long as I didn't squeeze too hard, I was really glad they were there.

NOTE: It seems that all of Vibratex's other Rabbit-style vibes are made of vinyl, which should give them a firmer feel, but they have the loose "pearl" beads, which apparently stop moving even easier than the beads on fixed tracks featured on the elastomer model.

THE ROTATING SHAFT: The rotating shaft is a mixed blessing. When I tried to hold the Rabbit in my hand the whole time it was running, the plastic battery compartment wiggled in my hand, no matter how hard I tried to hold it steady. However, when I got the shaft at the angle I wanted it, and then squeezed my legs together to hold it steady, the rotating shaft started doing its thing, and did it well. I've never had a dildo, vibrating or not, that actually provided g-spot stimulation I noticed before this one, and I must say I rather like it!

TECHNIQUE: After a few tries (and then a few tries more, just for fun), I got the hang of the Habit, and here are my tips: Find a good angle for the shaft, and rather than trying to "shove" it into the sweet spot, clamp your legs down to hold it in place (personally, the rotating/beads thing didn't do a thing for me unless it was turned all the way up, but you might be more sensitive to the sensations than I was). Turn the shaft up until you notice it moving inside you, then adjust the position & setting on the external vibe until it's where you want it. Then lay back and wait.

After a few minutes it snuck up on me. As someone who's never been able to masturbate to orgasm with anything but direct clitoral stimulation, the level of vaginal sensation was surprising … it wasn't an earth-shattering, bedsheet-clawing, screaming orgasm, but it was definitely unlike anything I've ever felt from a toy.

It was a much more "full body" orgasm than my trusty Pocket Rocket can manage. If I had to pick a single adjective to describe it, I'd say "sweet". It was a sweet, cuddly little orgasm (followed by another, and another, until my clit got way oversensitive) … and I suppose that's rather fitting for a transparent purple, sparkly vibrator with a little bunny and a hidden smiley face on the shaft …

CONCLUSION: The Rabbit Habit definitely isn't for everyone. If you want a toy you can manhandle, this probably isn't the vibe for you. If you want super-intense, Hitachi-style stimulation, this definitely isn't the toy for you. If you're really into large-size toys (or men), the Rabbit's mid-size shaft probably won't get the job done. If you want a quiet toy, or a super-precise efficient vibe, this is also not the toy you're looking for.

But, I suspect the Elastomer Rabbit Habit, or one of its cousins in the Rabbit vibe family, is a perfect vibe for women who have trouble orgasming during vaginal sex. The way the beads and rotating shaft suddenly go WOW! right as you orgasm might be just the trick to "train" reluctant nerve endings to appreciate vaginal stimulation more! This vibe would also be great for people who want vaginal stimulation without deep penetration, and for any woman who's sensitive to g-spot stimulation or indirect clit vibration.

The Elastomer Rabbit Habit isn't going to replace my Pocket Rocket any time soon, but the lil' Rocket is going to have to get used to having a roommate in my "favorite toys" drawer from now on!

2 Responses to “The Rabbit Habit: Not Mr. Right, but a great Mr. Right Now”

  1. Esse says:

    Thanks so much for this very informative review. I just purchased this Rabbit Habit and it's due to arrive on Monday. My sister purchased it and absolutely loves it. I hope I feel the same way! You have the best overall review that covers it all. Thanks :)

  2. T. says:

    Glad you found it helpful! :-) I need to catch up on a few more reviews, now that you remind me… heh

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