The Sister & The Blonde: Thumbs up for Hitachi

The Sister becomes a Hitachi convert:

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Ah that infamous personal massager, it's name being synonymous with vibrations more intense than most toys, I'd been curious. I got the Hitachi Magic Wand and was not let down in the least! Just looking at it reminds you that it's not really intended for masturbation purposes, with a sphereish padded vinyl head (just over 2" tall and a circumference just under 8") and a flexible neck attaching it to a hard plastic handle that's just over 9" long, it looks so innocent… And with a power cord rather than batteries, this has quickly become my favorite toy!

This sucker has two setting, both capable of giving you quick and intense orgasms. The low setting seems to have more of a bass like vibrations while the high setting seems more treble like. If the vibrations prove to much for you, it still works wonders through fabric of your choosing (pants, towel, etc). I love that the head seems to be able to just nestle itself into your nether regions and engulf it in intense vibrations. So if you're looking for intense penetrating vibrations (but don't mind going without penetration), I highly recommend it!

Overall, I give it an 8. It'd probably get a 10 if I had the Gee Whiz attachment, though ;)

The Blonde gives another thumbs up:

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Yeah! The Hitachi Magic Wand! For all those out there who have the "Fuck Foreplay" mentality, this is the toy for you. Cum hard, cum now, cum often.

The wand itself is rather large (about a foot long), corded, slightly unwieldly (the boyfriend joked it was a two-hander), and loud. But the simple joy of climaxing again and again with little or no time or effort makes it well worth it.

A note about usage: It was designed to work out muscles, and is a little aggressive for those with sensitive clitoral areas (and who doesn't have a sensitive clitoris?). I found using the wand over a couple layers of cloth works quite well (panties & pajama pants, for example). I've only ever used the Wand on the LOW setting. Low is a suitably aggressive vibration, High terrifies me.

The Magic Wand is a fabulous, fucking beautiful addition to any toy chest.

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