The Sister & The Blonde weigh in: Mixed Reviews for the Rabbit

The Sister's thoughts on the Rabbit Habit:

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Well, the Eco Kit's on back order, so in the mean time, we've received the Elastomer Rabbit Habit!

I was instantly interested simply because it's that one vibrator mentioned on Sex and the City. That and I go nowhere without (and usually only) clitoral stimulation, so it looked like one I could enjoy! I certainly did, though I enjoyed it a lot more while only using the rabbit and leaving the shaft and pearls turned off (the rabbit also vibrates more intensely when used on its own).

The shape and size of the pink sparkly penis is perfect, for me at least. When using all features though, I did notice how hard to was to actually feel the twirling action of the shaft. And the pearls, while enjoyed, need a motor with more oomph, as they stall at a mere kegel squeeze or moving/thrusting the Habit at any angle other than parallel with yourself. (And I think they might benefit being made of a hard rubber vs. plastic.)

But using it as I did (with only the rabbit going), it was great! It made vaginal stimulation (thrusting my way to a sore wrist, that is), a key part of orgasm, a wonderful change of pace for me! So if you have issues orgasming via vaginal stimulation, I highly recommend this toy for you!

The Blonde puts in her two cents' worth:

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The Elastomer Rabbit Habit: Great in theory, so-so in practice. The elastomer material was fantastic … latex & pthalate free, it maintained delightful feel & playability without toxic plastic smell, or that tell-tale vaginal dryness that comes with some plastics.

The Rabbit comes with two motor control switches: One for the bullet-vibe rabbit, and one for the shaft/pearl contraption. The shaft rotates at a 15ยบ angle, while the beads rotate around on tracks to stimulate the vaginal opening. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, the motor in the shaft was so weak that it wouldn't maintain rotation while inserted unless it was turned all the way up. Even then, if you're the kind of girl who enjoys their stimulation at any sort of an angle, any significant added pressure also stops the motor. So, one is left holding the vibrator still, and allowing it to do "its thing."

Sadly for this girl, "its thing" wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped. The Rabbit vibrating bit is pretty fantastic … well, it would have been, IF it had been placed to actually have any decent contact with my clit. Happily, I found the lovely bendy elastomer could be manipulated in such a way that I could pry the rabbit & its ears up, and position them where I needed them to be. Once positioned, HURRAH!! Orgasm can be reached!

Overall, yes, the Rabbit Habit would be a satisfying toy for those with passive tastes. For those of us with more aggressive needs I suppose it gets "the job" done, just not with the "O" factor so widely touted.

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