Another take on Average Penis Size

An anonymous visitor submitted the following comment, in response to my answer to Average Penis Size, don't worry about it. I thought it raised some good points, and deserved a proper response:
5 to 7 inches average penis length

Dear Miss Sex Advice,

You missed the mark when you told the 11 year old not to worry about
his penis size. Sure, you told him the answer every text book says. But the thing is, at his age, it's the *only* think he worries about. And with all the viagra commercials and emails around, it's no wonder.

What you didn't tell him, was that even when he gets older, penis size doesn't matter one lick. The truth is: women don't care about the size of a penis. Bigger is not necessarily better no matter what the kids in the locker room say or the hundreds of emails in the email box.

Just thought I'd write in with that little tidbit.

While I fully agree that "bigger is not necessarily better," I'm afraid I can't get behind "women don't care about the size of a penis," and I feel I'd be doing the kid who originally asked a disservice to feed him one of the oldest and most misleading lines in the book. Like I said in the first question asked on the site, women do care about penis size. I am a woman, and I have known a lot of women in my life, and almost all of us care about penis size. We're like Golidlocks and the Three Bears: some are too big, some are too small … but the good news is that most of them are well within the range of "just right". And the even better news for you guys is that every woman has a different standard of too big, too small and just right, so there's plenty of options out there for everyone.

Sure, an 11 year old boy is going to worry about whether or not he's normal size no matter what anyone says … just like I worried about whether or not I'd ever grow tits when I was 11. That part is normal, and I think the best answer for a boy worrying about his penis size is the same as the best answer for a girl worrying about her breast size: You're too young to know what size it/they will be when you grow up, and no matter what size it/they end up being, it will work out fine. Some guys really like big tits, some guys prefer small ones, and some guys don't give a good goddamn. So it goes with women and penises: Some of us like 'em big, some of us prefer smaller ones, and some women really don't care.

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  1. Anothr anonymous visitor says:

    I agree with that an 11 yo should be told not worrying about his penis. However, there is a lot to worry about with penis size, and it is wrong to mislead males into thinking there is nothing to worry about.

    I have had issues with penis size from girls (at school) and women in my life, thrust at me for over thirty years now. Ridicule and humiliation is their second language. Even my current wife cannot get over her previous boyfriend who is supposedly huge. She refers to his size often, and even had dreams about him that I unfortunately had to witness on some occasions in their physical epxression (that is, she was dreaming of f***ing him and screaming out in her dreams). I have had seven sexual partners and all but one has cheated on me. Of the six that have cheated, five have admitted preferring huge guys. That is, not average, not big, but huge. What I realised is that these and other women make judgements of mens' size and superimpose those judgements onto men. For example, women will look at a man's package at the beach and if it is obviously large, then he must be large. If a man is very tall, then he must be large. If he is small flaccid, he must be small. I am actually 18cms erect, and 14cms wide, which by proper research puts me in a category which excludes 93% of men. YET, because I am small when flaccid and therefore not impressive in swimwear or nude, then I am immediately regarded as small. What is worse is that even when I am erect, I am considered small (which is a superimposing of the previous value judgement). What is going on out there? What are women on? No wonder most men are angry, frustrated and confused, as they are mostly small and women certainly let them know it. I really see this paradigm (and it is now a real paradigm of womens' thinking) as engendering a serious backlash if not put into proper perspective.

  2. Q&A says:

    Well anonymous, first let me say I'm sorry you've had the misfortune of dating such insensitive women. Second, in my first article about penis size, I fully admit size does matter to a lot of women, and yes, there are women out there who really do appreciate huge men. There are also men who prefer women of a very specific physical type (very large breasts, very small breasts, short, tall, etc.), so it's not just size queens who are capriciously passing over potential partners because of "shallow" physical preferences.

    All I was saying to the 11 year old in question is that there's no point in worrying at his age, because he's nowhere near his adult physical size. And even when men reach maturity, there really isn't anything they can do to substantially increase their penis size … so, what good does worrying really do?

  3. Worried says:

    Im 15 with a 7 inch cock not erect and 9 wen erect. . . Iv had 3 sexual partners and 1 complained it cudn go in al teh way whats the problem?

  4. Miss Mia says:

    The problem, Worried, is that the one particular girl you're talking about was built smaller than you. 9" is WELL above average, and you will probably meet more than one woman in your lifetime who can't quite accommodate you. One thing you can try in the future is changing positions to see if the girl has an easier time with you coming from a different angle.

    I know when I'm with guys your size, there are some positions that are just too uncomfortable to work, but others that are just great!

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