The Tuyo vibe: An odd ball

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Big Teaze's Tuyo is not a tease at all.

The Tuyo Vibe had 8 vibration settings
I wanted to review Big Teaze Toys' spherical Tuyo vibrator because it was strange. It's about the size of a baseball, so it's no good for penetration. There's no little nubs sticking out anywhere, so it can't do much for direct clitoral stimulation. How well would this pretty thing actually work? Surprisingly, it works quite well for me.

Appearance & Construction: Made of an elegant-looking combination of smooth plastic, silicone (for the center band and control button), and shiny stainless steel rings (which, as I discovered, actually help hold the thing together, rather than just being a pretty decoration), the Tuyo feels quite well-made when you hold it.

It's a lovely toy to look at, and it comes in a well made, satin-covered and lined box, with a hinged lid. Yet another toy you could leave sitting around, in or out of its box, without many people realizing what it was.

Function & Features: The Tuyo features three steady vibration patterns and five pulsation settings, powered by three AAA batteries. You cycle through the settings by repeatedly pushing the control button. Interestingly, the pulse patterns are more involved than a simple repeating "high/low" throb. One is so fast it's more of a stutter, one follows a couple low-intensity beats with a sudden strong buzz, and so on.

The vibrating motor is located in the bottom half of the sphere, opposite the control button, so the button is convenient to your index finger if you grip it around the silicone band with the rest of your hand. This is quite nice while experimenting with the different settings, looking for the one you like best.

Big Teaze describes this toy as "splash proof", and the instruction book specifies it shouldn't be submerged. I'm guessing it would probably be OK in the shower, but don't bring it to a hot tub party.

Technique & Conclusion: The shape is very comfortable to hold, and rolls nicely in circles without losing contact with any important spots (unlike smaller clit vibes), which is exactly what ended up working for me: Rolling it in circles at the highest steady-vibration setting.

The shape does inspire interesting possibilities: You and your partner might be able to nestle the ball in between you during sex, or you could squeeze it between your thighs while giving head, or even use it as a back massage tool… it definitely sparks the ol' creative thinking more than the usual "vibrating dick" style of toy. Also, if your partner isn't really comfortable bringing more conventional-looking toys into bed, the Tuyo might be abstract enough to convince them otherwise.

I am one of those women who just loves a Hitachi wand, so I'm all about the intense vibration thing. A lot of women find really strong vibes are just too much for them, and I think the Tuyo would really shine for that crowd! It also nestles quite nicely between your thighs, so another potential fan crowd might be women who like to lie on top of their vibes when they masturbate. But all in all, it's quite reasonably priced for such a well-made toy, and I think almost anyone could find an interesting way of enjoying one!

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