Sex Dreams … who knows what they mean?!

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Q: Why i have that current dream of having sex with differente people?

sex dreams
Ahh, yes. Sex dreams. There are the ones where you wish you hadn't woken up just quite when you did … and then there are the ones that wake you up a little panicked, wondering, "What in the HELL did I just dream of doing to HIM?! AAAAHHHHH!!!!"

As far as I know, nobody has figured out definitively how to tell what people's dreams mean, whether they're about sex or not. I've had dreams where a sex partner starts out looking like one person, then suddenly appears in another person's body halfway through, and ends up a completely different person again when we're laying in bed smoking afterward. If that's not "different people," I don't know what is! Other friends who've told me about dreams of theirs … well, suffice to say I didn't feel so weird anymore after hearing them. lol!

There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to most people's sex dreams … Now, I'm not sure if you're saying you're having dreams about multiple people at once, or different people other than your current partner, but either way, I'm quite confident in saying there's nothing particularly abnormal about it. I'm also quite confident in saying I don't think anyone could tell you exactly