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The Boss Lady Takes Charge…

No, it's not a Domina/submissive porn review, it's Babeland's exclusive Fun Factory vibe, the Boss Lady!

Fun Factory g-spot Boss Lady Vibe
My last excursion with a Fun Factory toy was their delectable Delight Vibe, so when I got the opportunity to take another of their products out for a test-drive, courtesy of, I sure wasn't going to pass it up!

I wavered back and forth between Fun Factory's ribbed G Twist, with their standard dial control at the base, in subdued, fairly dignified colors, and Babeland's exclusive Boss Lady, which came with Delight-esque push button controls and an intriguing "power booster" button their standard models lack. Problem? It's ZOMGWTFPWNBBQ HOT PINK. I kind of despise pink. But in the battle of Pink vs. Power Booster, the turbo button won out, and I soon found myself fondling the radioactive pink silicone Boss Lady while waiting for my AAA batteries to charge.

Appearance & Construction Like I said, the Boss Lady is PINK. I mean, the photo here doesn't do it justice. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was some kind of solidified alien ectoplasm. It's HOLY CRAP EYE-MELTING PINK. And the most amazing thing about it is that this little powerhouse actually made me forget about the color. Or at least not mind the color so much, because it's not a color you can really forget. Seriously.

Moving on past the color, which is surprisingly easy to do, the Boss Lady is made of the absolutely bestest vibrator silicone EVER. You may think that's an exaggeration, like my description of the color perhaps, but really it's not. Feeling up the silicone was almost enough to make me forgive the color before I even turned it on. This vibe feels downright scrumptious. It's velvety and squeezable, but still firm enough to be eminently functional.

I've heard stories about Fun Factory vibrators having difficult battery compartments, and I don't know if their usual dial-control design is harder to operate than the Boss Lady, but I had no problems with the battery compartment whatsoever. While it is true that the plastic bottom end of the vibe feels like the cheapest part, construction-wise, it's certainly nothing that interferes with the function or detracts overly from the form.

Function & Features Again, like it's distant cousin the Delight, the Boss Lady comes with multiple increasingly-intense steady vibration settings, and three pulsing vibration patterns. And holy crap does it vibrate. I've never used a stand-alone insertable vibe that put out the kind of sensation this one does. I don't know how much of that is due to Fun Factory's actual motor design, and how much is down to the vibration-transmitting qualities of their irresistable silicone, but wowzers.

When I had it turned up to maximum power, I didn't think the power booster button would even be noticeable, and it maybe isn't enough of an intensity boost to really tip you over the edge if the regular settings aren't enough, but it does make for a nice little bit of variety on top of the built-in settings.

One thing to keep in mind before investing in your own Boss Lady though is the size. She's a big-un in the world of insertable vibes. At almost 7 inches insertable length and 1 3/5 in. diameter, the Boss Lady pretty much demands lube for all but the most accomodating users. Some women may find the size is too much to handle enjoyably, so do consider whether you like girthy toys before shelling out for this one. I personally considered the size an enjoyable bonus. No complaints here!

Oh, and did I mention the noise??? I think this toy has the hands-down best power-to-noise ratio of any vibrator I've ever tried. Seriously, there is no noise to complain about. I mean, of course there's a leetle buzzing, but odds are if you like it half as much as I did, you'll be making enough noise to drown the Boss Lady out!

Technique & Conclusion This vibe is designed to stimulate your g-spot, along with everything else at the same time. Unlike a lot of g-spotting toys with narrow shafts and specially angled bulbs designed to create localized g-spot stimulation, the Boss Lady's girth means everything it touches definitely feels the effect. The curved shaft and pronounced ridge along the top of the head do give the g-spot noticeable extra stimulation, but I found the vibrations near the base were so strong I could even feel the buzzing in my clit!

What probably surprised me most about this toy though, is the fact that it's also one of the best clit vibes I own. I mean, it's obviously designed primarily for insertion, but the way Fun Factory's luscious silicone transmits vibration while still being soft enough to push against without discomfort is just unbelievable … Hey, Fun Factory, if you're listening, you seriously need to make a pocket-rocket sized clit vibe with a generous bulb of this silicone on the end. I will buy it IMMEDIATELY.

While I have yet to achieve my ultimate toy goal of a mind-blowing, squirting, no-clit-vibe-needed g-spot orgasm, I will say the Boss Lady easily achieved at least mind-blowing status when accompanied right at the end by a little bit of Pocket Rocket action. This automatically elevates this toy above almost all my others, as well as a goodly percentage of my past human partners. *ahem*

Ladies, if you can get past the color (and you won't know until you see it in person, because digital imaging can not yet replicate this particular shade of pink), and you like your vibes on the larger side, I feel entirely comfortable giving the Boss Lady two thumbs up. And ten curled toes to boot.

Make Room for the New Kid, Hitachi

Acuvibe Mini Stands up to the Magic Wand

The Acuvibe Mini is a powerhouse for it's size
I do love my Hitachi. I love my Hitachi so very much. But sometimes the cord is just a hassle, and it's too cumbersome for partner play. So, when I spotted the more compact & rechargeable Acuvibe Mini, in Babeland's review newsletter, I just had to give it a go, and boy am I glad I did!

Appearance & Construction: Much like the Hitachi and full-size Acuvibe, the Acuvibe Mini is a utilitarian looking toy. The body is made of hard plastic, and the vibrating head sits on a short flexible neck. There's a slight nub on one side of the head, but I suspect that's more useful for actual muscle massage than for recreational purposes. Of course, it's my luck to get the pink Mini to review, because the universe has a sense of humor like that, but it also comes in a neutral bluish-gray (as shown).

The Acuvibe Mini is roughly half the size of the Hitachi, and the big, huge, tremendous advantage is the built-in rechargeable power supply. Plug it in for 8 hours when you get it, plug it in every 2–3 uses after that, and you're set. No cumbersome cord tying you to the wall.

Function & Features: The Acuvibe Mini is a basic one-speed, non-insertable vibrator. The vibration intensity is roughly equivalent to the Low setting on a Hitachi Magic Wand, but at a seemingly slower vibration frequency (which may be a good or bad thing for different users … it's mostly a neutral difference to me).

It's pretty innocuous-looking, making it appealing for partner play with guys who aren't thrilled to invite gigantic fake dicks into bed with them, and you can even sneak it between the sheets by starting out using it for an effective back massage! This little bugger is perfectly strong enough to use for innocent, legitimate massage.

And, have I mentioned it's rechargeable?! ;-) These days I really can't see any reason to make your customers mess with replacing batteries all the time. Rechargeable power supplies have really come a long way in the size/weight department.

Technique & Conclusion: Technique? Switch on, hold against skin where ever it feels good. It's blessedly fool proof.

Conclusion? Buy the Acuvibe Mini if the following list describes you…
You love your Hitachi dearly, but:

  • …wish you didn't have to be within a few feet of a power outlet at all times.
  • …you'd like something a little more compact (and a bit quieter) as your traveling companion.
  • …want a similarly powerful but less cumbersome toy to enjoy with a good "friend".

…say hello to your vibrating knight in shining armour, the Acuvibe Mini!

He's too long … Ouch!

Q: I really enjoy my boyfriend, and we usually have a good time in bed. However, he's really *ahem* long, and I'm really not.

We've tried different positions to alleviate his being too long, but what would really help if there was a sex ring that we could put on his cock during sex to "take up some space" so he wouldn't have to concentrate on going to deep and hurting me.

Is there such a thing?

Wide cock rings can help when he's too big
Not to worry, Shorty. :-) You can indeed get a stretchable cock ring, and have him wear it just around the base of his shaft (rather than around both penis and scrotum, like usual). If you pick out an extra wide cock ring, it should help "take up space" just fine … and if that ring doesn't do the trick, here's a 2 inch wide cock ring that might work even better.

Of course, depending on how hard he's thrusting it's possible that those rings, when stretched around him, won't be thick enough to stop penetration, so I was looking around for something thicker that could serve the same purpose. I found an adjustable cushion and strap set designed to be used with a penis enlargement gadget. Magnum Comfort Cushions look like they'd work perfectly! They're quite thick, and fit over an included adjustable strap.

Good luck, Shorty! :-)

Eco Delight kit: Truly Delightful

Eco Delight: Who couldn't love it?

Eco Delight rechargeable vibrator gift set
The Eco Delight kit (which I've been eagerly awaiting since I first started reviewing for Babeland) pairs one of Babeland's nicest premium vibrators with a collection of truly delightful accessories: a Babeland soy massage candle, three vegan Mambo condoms, and a full-size bottle of Babeland Naked organic lube, all wrapped in pink Babeland tissue paper inside a handmade paper bag studded with flower seeds (you can actually plant the bag and grow a flower garden!), with a classy gift tag already attached.

If you're looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas, and your girlfriend or wife loves to play with toys, have Babeland ship one of these kits to you ASAP! Not only will she enjoy the Delight vibe for a long time to come, but the rest of the kit is just perfect for a romantic night together at home.

The folks at Babeland clearly put some thought into the selection of products in this kit, because they all work well on their own, and work even better together…

Delight G-Spot Vibrator

Delight silicone gspot vibe
The Delight g-spot vibe just might be the be-all and end-all of vibrators for women who like a gentler vibe than something like the Hitachi Magic Wand, or for women who love their g-spot vibe, but need a little clitoral stimulation to put them over the edge.

Appearance & Construction: The Delight is a beautiful toy. With it's gracefully curved s-shape and two-tone silicone & hard plastic body, it's almost as much a work of art as it is a sex toy. It comes in three color combinations: Black silicone and white plastic, two-tone pink, and blue silicone with purple plastic, each with a discreet charger/storage case in matching colors.

Features & Usage: The Delight is rechargeable, so if you keep it stored in its charger/storage case, and keep the power cord plugged in, it's always ready to go. And go it does! The simple + and – control buttons glow red when it's turned on, making it really easy to see what you're doing in the dark. Just hold the + button down for one second to turn it on, then continue to press the + button to cycle through all the settings.

I have read descriptions claiming there are 32 different settings on the Delight, but actually there are 11: eight increasingly intense steady vibration options, followed by three pulsating vibration patterns that switch on after "Level 8", when you hold the + button for another second. Each pulse setting is a bit faster than the last, and my lord, I don't think I've used anything but the pulse settings since the first test drive!

Technique: The curve of the Delight is perfectly engineered. When the flexible silicone end is inserted, it finds the g-spot almost instantly, and the plastic body curves back over your clitoris so the lighted control buttons face toward you over top of your pubic bone. It may or may not be able to hit your g-spot and clit at the same time, depending on how the shape fits your body, but when you rock it back and forth, which the shape almost begs for, it will definitely hit them both (and when you get it rocking in time with one of the pulse settings… woooo!).

The end of the handle forms a loop behind the controls, perfectly shaped so you can hook a finger through it and have the controls right at your thumbtip. Then just rock it back and forth and play with the speed and pulse settings until you find the magic combo that tickles you just right.

Babeland Naked Organic Lube

Babeland organic lubricant
The label carries the following boasts: 100% Natural; Infused with herbs; Therapeutic-grade essential oils; Cruelty-free, 99% vegan; No petro-chemicals; No parabens. It comes in a pretty blue glass bottle, with a tastefully designed label. It smells nice. That all sounds very good, but does Naked Lube actually perform when it's put to the test?

The answer is a resounding YES! I first tried Naked lube with the Delight vibrator (and with the soft texture of the silicone end, you definitely want to use lube with the Delight). It worked phenomenally well. A half hour later, the lube hadn't disappeared or gotten uncomfortably sticky (both problems with a lot of water/glycerin-based lubricants). Definitely a match made in heaven.

A few nights later, I grabbed the bottle to use with a friend. When he first saw the gel consistency of the lube in my hand, he asked, "Does it work?" I had wondered the same thing at first. It comes out of the pump as a drip-free gel, but there isn't a hint of tackiness when you rub it on yourself, your partner, or your toy. After a couple seconds of thorough "hands-on application" from me, he was convinced too. ;-)

I will say that Naked started to get a little tacky after a solid hour of energetic "testing" … but rather than applying more lube, all that's needed is a little extra moisture. A bit of saliva, and the lube was as effective as ever. Babeland's Naked Organic Lubricant gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from this woman!

Babeland Soy Massage Candle

Soy wax massage candle
The "rice flower" scented soy candle comes with a little box of matches tucked in the box, so you don't need to run out and buy a lighter to enjoy it. I often don't like the smell of scented candles; they're usually too strong, too artificial, or too "fruity" smelling for my taste, but I really enjoyed the scent. How does it work as massage 'oil' though?

Much to my surprise, I thought it worked great. With the candle burning, and the wax dripped onto my skin from about a foot above me, the heat of the melted wax was pleasantly intense, but nowhere near actually burning. It provided just the right amount of lubrication for a massage, didn't soak in as quickly as lotion would, and didn't dribble all over the place like oil. I never would have thought of using soy wax as a massage 'oil', but I was really impressed.

Mamba Vegan Condoms

mamba condoms 15 times stronger than regular brands
If you frequently have issues with major brand condoms breaking, Mamba condoms may be just what you've been looking for. These natural rubber "rubbers" are quite possibly the most durable condoms I've ever seen. Truly, they don't break (well, I'm sure they might once in a while, but I couldn't figure out how!).

You'll love them even more if you have a serious rubber fetish… because that's what they smell like. This was a bit of a bummer for me, as I'm not really turned on by the smell of new tires. However, a dollop of the nicely-scented Naked lube did help mask the rubbery smell, so once again Babeland has shown perfect taste in choosing the combo of products in this gift pack.


The Delight vibrator is definitely aptly named. Although I have yet to reach the big O without using the tip of the silicone end as a clit vibe at the end, the "foreplay" before that is better than any toy I've ever tried. I've honestly never used a vibe before this where I found myself perfectly happy not rushing to orgasm ASAP. I spent a good half hour happily trying different angles for the vibe, and my hips, and my legs (it stays in place hands-free quite nicely when you squeeze your thighs together).

If you're a fan of less intense vibrators already, but haven't found a g-spotter that quite works for you, or you need a little extra clit stimulation while using one, or you can appreciate a vibe that does an unbelievable job of bringing you right to the edge of orgasm, and holding you there for what seems like forever, you'll find the Delight quite delightful indeed.

The rest of the Eco Delight kit makes a lovely collection together, but I would say the lube is the only other "must have" item in the bunch (unless you're in the market for bulletproof condoms, that is). However, considering Babeland offers the kit for the same price as the vibe alone, if you're going to get a Delight go ahead and treat yourself to the gift pack. You definitely won't regret the investment!

Luna Beads PC Exercisers

Get your PC muscles in shape with Luna Beads!

Luna Beads kegel exerciser
Luna Beads are marketed as an exercise aid for toning your pelvic floor muscles; an alternative to doing kegel exercises, if you will. They're rather like a large set of ben wa balls, with a silicone harness to keep them in position for optimal effect. Optimal exercise effect, that is, because on the grand scale of things to induce sexual excitement, they really didn't do much for me.

Appearance/Construction: Luna Beads come in a downright elegant and sturdy black storage box. There are two pairs of semi-translucent balls, a pink pair and a blue pair, with a white silicone harness. The kit also comes with a classy little drawstring pouch to store your assembled set (perfect if you want to carry them with you). Everything about Luna Beads is definitely high quality, and aesthetically tasteful.

The hollow outer beads are made of PC-ABS plastic, with weighted rubberized balls inside each sphere. They fit, via molded ridges, into the durable silicone harness (awkwardly called a "composition girdle" in the user manual). One ball in each color coded set has a synthetic loop of string (the "retraction leash"), to facilitate removal.

Features & Usage: Each pair of colored ABS beads provide a different level of exercise. The light pink balls are 28 grams each, and the light blue balls are 37 grams apiece. Depending on the current fitness level of your pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles), you can wear one ball in the harness, wear both 28g balls, one of each set, or both 37g balls at once (at which point you can tell people you have blue balls … sorry, couldn't resist that one!).

According to the user manual (and I do suggest reading it … which is a rarity in the relatively self-explanatory world of sex toys) simply inserting one or two balls in the silicone harness, and wearing them for 30 minutes a day will auto-magically exercise your PC muscles the same way diligent kegels will.

Technique: Put simply, insert the assembled bead/harness set, and go on about your business.

The manual recommends starting with one or two of the lighter-weight balls at first, until your muscles get used to them. Personally, I didn't have any trouble wearing both of the heavier balls right from the start, but if you've given birth, your pelvic muscles might be in need of a little more strengthening than that.

Conclusion: Some women claim their Luna Beads make activities like climbing stairs or riding a stationary bicycle a whole new experience. Sadly, either because I have vaginal muscles of steel or I'm just an insensitive cow, I hardly noticed them most of the time. I wore them all day at work once, and didn't notice much of anything except an ocassional "shifting" sensation when the weighted balls moved around. But, if you consider them more of an exercise machine than a toy, I suppose that's all well and good.

Luna Beads would be more properly thought of as a "sexual health aid" than an actual sex toy. While (apparently) some women find them quite stimulating to wear, buying a set thinking you're going to have the long, slow orgasm of your life would probably be a mistake. However, if you keep meaning to do kegels regularly, but keep blowing it off like any other well-intentioned exercise regimen, they're an easy and relatively fun way to achieve the same effect.

If you're looking for a really exciting way to work your pelvic muscles, I'd suggest a remote control toy like the Cry Baby (an insertable bullet vibe with a remote control … just imagine the mischief you could get into with a willing accomplice!). However Luna Beads are intended primarily as a muscle-toning aid, not an orgasm machine, and the benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles are many and varied! Stronger sensation during orgasms, being able to provide greater stimulation to your male partner during penetration, and improved bladder control are just the benefits that spring to mind… so Luna Beads could well be a worthwhile investment, even if they don't make you weak at the knees!