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How to taste good? Take a shower & relax.

Q: My boyfriend keeps hinting at giving me head (I'm female) but there r a few things I'm wary about.. such and smell and taste! I dont think i smell and I dont know how I'm supposed to taste but I dont want to taste bad and drive him off because I want this too :-) Is there any way to know what to look for as far as what he'll enjoy too? Or any way to change my taste naturally? (without gels or etc.) I've heard rumors that you can eat more of fruits and such that will make your "cum" (for lack of better words) taste better. I enjoy giving him head and I want it to be the same for him!!

woman eating a strawberry
I can't help but wonder if your boyfriend fretted for days over how he was going to taste before he let you give him a blow job, Anonymous? ;-) I'm betting he probably didn't. And there's no reason for you to worry either!

Every woman tastes different, so there's not one "way" you're supposed to taste. Not to mention, if your boyfriend is turned on by the idea of going down, odds are he'll be turned on by the way you taste and smell down there too!

I'm sure eating lots of strawberries and drinking plenty of water probably influences your taste the same way it does for a man (yes, eating strawberries for a few days DOES make semen taste better!), but as long as you don't have any STIs or infections and you wash regularly, there shouldn't be any problem. You could skip the asparagus & cabbage that week, and hope it makes a difference, but I'm sure you'll be fine no matter what you eat as long as you're sensible enough to put on clean underwear every day. ;-)

Another GINORMOUS Oral Sex Post

OK, we're going to do a little compilation post here, because while I was busy ignoring this poor website, over half the questions that piled up in the queue were about oral sex. Blow jobs, squirting girls, and so on… so in the interest of catching up on things in the most efficient way possible, here's Things You Can't Ask Mom's GINORMOUS Oral Sex Post:
oral sex information and advice

Q: if a guy does not cum in your mouth while your giving him a blow job, could you still get an std*? ~Ashley

I put your question first, Ashley, because the answer is SO important. In a word, YES!!! Herpes can be transmitted any time the sufferer has an open herpes sore & you come in contact with it. ESPECIALLY with the delicate tissue on the inside of your mouth or vagina. Genital warts (HPV) can be transmitted by contact with the growths, even if they're too small to notice. Other STDs can be transmitted in the pre-ejaculate fluid (most often called precum) that leaks out of the end of his penis before he orgasms. My advice? Don't touch a penis if you know the guy has any kind of sexually transmitted disease or infection. And if you don't know whether or not he does, don't touch it without a condom.

Q: Hi, me and my girlfriend are pretty open minded about sex, and trying new things, now we both like oral sex a lot and we were wondering if my girlfriend swallow's my cum 2or3 times a day will there be something bad or unhealthy for her? And she likes to suck me for 30 minutes and sometimes even 1hour, is there a problem about that? And what if i make her cum (SQUIRT) because she squirts really good, i mean really a lot and she can do it a lot of times, could i swallow her squirt? Or is it unhealthy for me? And the same for her, she wants to try and swallow her own cum ~Denny

First off, RIGHT ON you two! Damn it's nice to hear from people really getting in to getting each other off like that! :-) And to answer all your questions really simply: No, there's nothing wrong, dangerous, potentially harmful, or in any way bad about any of that. Enjoy the hell out of each other, you lucky things!

Q: What if the guy your giving head to is ghard to please? like no matter what you do he wont let yuo know if he likes whats your doing than what should you do? ~baby-d

Q: okay so me && my bf are kind of in a new relationship…but we often have sex atleat once 2 twice a week. i often go down on him && dont get the favor in return…(not complaining)but even during sex && when i go down on him he makes no noises or face AT ALL! it kills me. it makes me feel like i am not doing a good job. && mentioning it to him he says…"thats just who i am." how can i change that?! ~LDC

It's hellishly frustrating when your partner won't react openly enough to let you know if they like what you're doing. Whether or not you can do anything to change it is questionable. If the guy is just uptight or insecure about his own sexual reactions, you might be able to get him to loosen up by making noises of your own while you go down, like saying "MMmmm" while his dick is in your mouth (which also causes a nice little vibration for him), or squirming around like you're really getting into it, or lifting your head once in a while to tell him how much you enjoy sucking him off.

But if that doesn't help, there are just some people who aren't that active or demonstrative while they're receiving pleasure. Which sucks, but there really isn't much you can do about it. Try not to let it bother you. If he keeps wanting you to give him blow jobs, chances are he's enjoying it.

Q: my bf cums in less then 3 mins after i give him head i dnt swallow i spit but he cums fast Does he like it? THE LAST TIME HE DID ME WAS 2 YEARS AGO WE JUST HAD A BABY BUT DAMN ~Juicy Lips

First off, if you're giving your man oral and he won't return the favor even though you really want him to, he's being a selfish shit. Second off, I'm pretty sure any time a guy comes after 3 minutes of something, he's pretty much gotta be enjoying whatever's going on during those three minutes.

Q: How do i give a wonderful blow job ~Anonymous

Check out my first blow-job post, 10 Tips for Great Fellatio, and if that doesn't give you enough ideas, just click on the Oral Sex link in the Categories list over on the right hand side of the page for more. And most of all: Have fun!

No problems with eating cum

Q: I am a girl and love to eat cum after having sex. is there any side effect to health by eatting cum?

Assuming your partner is disease-free, and you're not eating such enormous quantities as to cause obesity (which would probably also make you a world-record holder, and very lucrative as an adult film personality), there are absolutely no health problems that could be caused by eating semen (or female vaginal fluids).

Cunnilingus after he comes?

Is it wrong to orgasm inside my wife first before giving her cunnilingus. I would like to ask her to let me?

eating cum out of her pussy
Is it wrong? Of course not! I'd hazard to guess that you don't think it's wrong for your wife to swallow when she gives you a blow job, right? So, if it's OK for her to get your semen in her mouth, why would it be wrong for you to get your own cum in your mouth?

The only possible problem here is if your wife isn't comfortable with the idea. Since I don't know her, I really can't say much to that question. Were I in your position, I'd probably just go ahead and go down on her after sex sometime, but the fact that you'd feel like you needed to ask does suggest that at least one of you is/might be uncomfortable about the idea, in which case it's always best to ask. (And I wish you the best of luck getting the answer you want!)

More Blow Job Advice

So wow, yeah, I've been away from the site for a while, and there is a TON of questions waiting, but giving head is the only subject with more than one question in the queue. So without further ado … more fellatio advice!
dick sucking lips

Q: To give a blow job is it really preferable to actually suck on the penis or just run your mouth over it. and can you suck while you deep throat?

What's preferable for a blow job is pretty much up to the recipient… Some guys love suction, some guys think the sensation is too intense. Either way though, it's a safe bet that any guy is going to enjoy variety during fellatio, so why not give them both a try, and see which one he seems to like best?

And I can't imagine being able to suck while deep throating. I honestly don't know if it's even physically possible!

Ummm, dis my onlii question, how do you keep yourself from biting it?

Pretty simple really. Open your mouth fairly wide, and make a small "O" shape with your mouth. Your lips will naturally cover your teeth when you do. Then, just make sure not to close your mouth in the middle of things. ;-) (If you're really worried about it, you could practice on a dildo until you got it right!)