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He wants anal, but his wife says no.

Q: how can i convince my wife for anal???

anal sex for beginners
Well, you don't say whether you've brought the subject up with her before or not, but my number one piece of advice is this: Don't push it! Seriously, if you have mentioned the idea to her, and she wasn't open to it, bringing it up over and over again is just going to kill any chance you may have had in the first place.

Now, there are a whole bunch of reasons someone might be against the idea of having anal sex. They may have heard it hurts (which it can, if you're not careful). They think the idea of anal sex is dirty, and something only "perverts" do. They may have religiously-based beliefs against it. Or, they may just think it's unsanitary and/or gross. They may even have tried anal before, and had a bad experience with it. The problem here is that except for reason #1, the rest are really hard to argue with, because there's really no way to prove any of them wrong.

Now, if you haven't brought up the subject yet, or her reaction wasn't completely negative, here are some things you can try doing to warm her up to the idea:

  • Use your finger while you're going down. (And yes, if you want her to give up the back door, I'd consider it damn near a requirement that you do some favors for her first. ;-) When you're going down on her, and she's getting really excited, you could try gently stroking or tickling her anus with a wet finger, and see how she reacts.
  • Move up slowly. If she seems to like external stimulation, the next time you could try applying some gentle pressure, and eventually getting a little lube on your finger and inserting it a little way inside. If using your finger goes well, you could buy a small butt plug, or beginner anal toy, and using that with her. Once she gets used to the idea, suggesting anal intercourse will be easier …
  • Don't push your luck. The really key thing to remember is that she may only ever be willing to go as far as your finger, or a toy … or she may never be comfortable with anal stimulation at all. So, don't push it. The last thing you want to do is push her to the point where she starts resenting it. If you already have a good sex life, you wouldn't want to ruin it trying to "score" something you're never going to get in the first place.

Anal Sex Hurts at First

Q: Im a female and sometimes anal sex hurts, it gets better in a few minutes but at the begining it hurts. What can i do to make the transition from pain to pleasure that much easier?

ways to make anal sex hurt less
There are a bunch of things you can do to help prevent pain with anal sex, and pretty much all of them fall into two categories: 1. Lube, and 2. Foreplay. With enough of the right kind of both, you should be able to completely eliminate pain at the start of anal sex!

LUBE: I can't stress this one enough: A good, thick, long-lasting lube is the single best thing you can use during anal penetration (whether you're using a toy, or a partner's penis). Many companies market numbing lube for anal sex, but unless you're really experienced with anal penetration, I definitely don't recommend it.

Something like Boy Butter or Maximus is excellent for anal sex. They're both very thick and won't wear off right away, which is exactly what you're looking for. Which one you like best is a matter of personal preference. Use your lube generously and use it often!

FOREPLAY: If you only experience pain at first, warming up with something smaller than your man (or your dildo of choice) is in order. If your partner isn't squeamish, having them lube up a finger or two is a perfect warm-up (and they can wear a rubber glove if they're worried about messy hands). Starting by 'tickling' around the anus—while conveniently spreading a little lube around—followed by slowly inserting one finger, and then maybe two, is not only a really hot addition to oral sex (for a man or a woman), but does a great job of getting the anal sphincter relaxed enough for more comfortable anal sex.

If fingers aren't going to be part of the game plan, starting with a a small anal toy is also a perfect way to get things ready for the main event. A small anal dildo, butt plug or a set of anal beads are all fun, and very stimulating, additions to foreplay or vaginal sex, and will really help relax your ass in preparation for full anal sex.

Threesomes: How does THAT work?

threesomes girl-girl-boy three-way

threesomes…how? it just doesn't make sense to me.

Goodness, I wish you'd been more specific! So, I'll assume you're asking how a threesome (or ménage à trois) works physically. Considering you can have three women, three men, two men and a woman or two women and a man, the positions possible in all four combinations are … well, very very numerous.

I'll just try to do a basic, vague rundown of different ways a threesome could work … let's assume that any same sex participants are either bi or gay, and that strap-ons and other toys are acceptable to everyone involved …

  • The participants can take turns having one-on-one sex, while the third person watches
  • If a woman is involved the other two participants can penetrate her simultaneously vaginally and anally (double penetration, or DP, is hugely popular in porn movies)
  • Person A can penetrate person B anally or vaginally, while person B performs oral sex on person C.
  • Person A can perform oral sex on person B, while person B performs oral sex on person C, and person C can perform oral sex on person A … is your head spinning yet?
  • All three people can give each other hand jobs.
  • Person A can penetrate person B while person B penetrates person C
  • Two people can simultaneously perform oral sex on the third person, while giving each other a hand job …

… and the list goes on. Really, the possibilities are probably only limited by your imagination and everyone's level of open-mindedness. If you're curious, and you're in a relationship, you could mention the idea to your partner and see if s/he might be interested in trying a threesome with you. If you're single, and interested, personal ads (both in newspapers and online) often feature ads from couples seeking a third partner.

Unfortunately, Adam & Eve discontinued Nina Hartleys "how to" videos about threesomes, which would be more entertaining for someone who's just curious, but not really intent on trying a ménage à troi. But if you're actually interested in trying a three-way, Amazon carries a couple of highly rated books on how to start, manage and enjoy three-partner sexual encounters. Threesomes: How to Fulfill Your Favorite Fantasy, which concentrates mostly on two woman/one man threesomes, and The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to SLEEPING WITH THREE. Both books are written by people with experience with menage-a-trois sex and three-way relationships.

Straight guys want dick … well, some of them do.

Q: I have noticed in all personal sites on the internet that a majority of men are married or are seeking partners for receiving anal.These types are "real men", mostly blue collar workers and straight as you can get. My question is why are so many men turning to male sex while married and why do they prefer the subordinate role in anal sex?

married men having gay sex
As the inimitable Dan Savage says: "Straight guys like dick." Really. A lot of them do. Look at most mainstream porn, for instance: The woman is most often just an accessory to the cock. I'd bet if you counted the scenes of actual sex in most porno movies, you'd find that 90+% of them had some guy's dick as the centerpiece of the shot.

Also consider the amount of time guys spend playing with their own dicks … and the number of guys who have "secret" circle jerk or blowjob stories from childhood (If you doubt the frequency of homosexual activity among teens and young boys, check out Shere Hite's Hite Report on Male Sexuality some time!)

So, what does all that have to do with married men trying to find anal sex through online personal ads? Let's take this in two parts, since it was kind of a two part question:

Why men would want to take the subordinate position in anal sex:

  • One big consideration is the prostate gland. Women don't have one, but men do, and it feels really good to have your prostate stimulated. In fact, it feels so good that many men can orgasm through anal penetration alone, without even touching their penises (not to say a reach around wouldn't feel good too, I'm sure).
  • Prostitutes report that men who occupy positions of power in daily life often enjoy submission fantasies in the bedroom. If a man is the dominant partner in his marriage and/or work life, it might really turn him on to have someone else "put him in his place" sexually.
  • If a man enjoys having anal sex with his wife, he might be curious as to how it feels to be on the receiving end.
  • All in all, there's also the same reason a woman would allow a man to have anal sex with her: Receiving anal sex feels good, whether or not you have a prostate gland. There are a lot of nerve endings around the human anus, and if you're careful not to push things too quickly right at the beginning, it can feel really really fantastic to have all those nerve endings stimulated.

Why a married man would look outside his marriage to get anal sex:

  • A lot of men still have the whole "virgin/whore" issue with how they see woman. Some of these men might be horrified by the idea of "defiling" their virginal wives by asking them to do something as perverse as wearing a strap-on. (Sad, but true.)
  • There are closed-minded, homophobic, sexually repressed women in this world too, and some of these men might be married to them. Instead of risking their wives' ridicule, or having her think, "Oh my god, my husband is gay," finding another man for a few secret liasons might seem much much easier. (Sad, but true.)
  • Some of these men might be married to perfectly understanding, adventurous women who'd be happy to butt-fuck their hubbies, but the men themselves might be so freaked out by the idea of anal sex that they're afraid to say anything to a woman they actually care about, and would rather act out their "perverse" fantasies with some anonymous man they don't have to respect or talk to in the morning. (Sad, but true.)
  • Some of these men might be bisexual or actually gay … so even if their wives did wear a strap-on, it wouldn't be the same as having a big, manly pair of hands grabbing their hips while they got pumped. (Even sadder … for the wife and the husband.)

And of course, some of these men might just be in an adventurous, open relationship, where both partners are free to pursue whatever tickles their fancy, and there's no sneaking infidelity going on in the first place. All in all, the twists and turns of human sexual proclivities know no bounds … I'm sure at least one of the guys you're talking about has a story you or I could never even imagine.

Ain't it great?

Standing Up Sex: Not just for gymnasts

standing sex positions: evolved dogQ: What are some standing-up sex positions? I am a girl, and my boyfriend is strong enough to lift me up for long amounts of time…but I need some options, here.

Well, first I wrote down all the standing positions I could think of, and then I went looking for other sources, to see if I missed anything. I was hoping there were more standing sex positions than I'd come up with, but human anatomy has its limitations, and it seems my imagination was equal or better than any of the reference sites I found.

I'm pretty sure any other positions would involve serious contortionism, but if you do come up with any others that work, please leave a comment on this post and share them!

Naturally, any of these positions that involve both parties standing (hands or feet) on the ground will have issues with your height relative to one another. No worries though … if you have a staircase handy, or a small footstool or step ladder, most height problems can be resolved pretty easily!

So, without further ado: Four standing sex positions, with variations:

  1. "Evolved Dog" or, Rear-Entry Probably the most obvious and perhaps most common of the standing sex positions, this one has a lot of different names. I like "evolved dog," because it's just doggy style standing on two legs … *cymbal crash* … Anyhow, the idea is that the woman stands with her back to the man, bends over to some degree, and he enters her from behind. Also works great for anal penetration.

    Variations: Put one leg up on a stair step, or stool, or chair, to change the angle of penetration. Lean over a counter top or kitchen appliance … or whatever else is handy. Lean against the wall. Don't lean on anything, and have the rear partner hold your hips, then reach back and hold his wrists.

  2. "Tango" or, Face-to-Face, supported The basic position here is a couple standing facing each other, the woman's arms around the man's shoulders/torso, with one of the woman's legs raised, to facilitate penetration. Great for couples who want to hug and kiss during sex … or listen to tango music.

    Variations: The man can stand in front of a chair or ladder, so the woman can support her leg by resting her foot on it. The man can lift the woman's leg for her, by hooking his arm under the crook of her knee (generally also resting his hand on her buttocks … or could be manually stimulating her anus). The woman could stand with her back to the wall, bend her leg sharply, and brace her foot on the wall. The woman could stand on a stair step or small platform, and wrap her leg behind the man's leg (since raising the leg wouldn't be necessary).

  3. "Carrier" or, Face-to-Face, suspended This is probably the group of positions you were thinking of when you mentioned the fact your boyfriend could hold you up. The basic position is facing each other, with the woman's arms around the man's shoulders, and her legs around his waist. The man helps support the woman with his hands under her buttocks.

    Variations: Resting the woman's back against a wall can help support her weight. If the man stands in front of a wall, the woman can brace her feet on the wall to help with thrusting. The man can hook his elbows under the woman's knees to change the angle of penetration. If the man's arms start getting tired, he can move to where the woman can sit on a counter-top or table, while he remains standing. Flexible women might be able to rest their legs on their partner's shoulders, for maximum penetration depth.

  4. "Wheelbarrow" or, some kind of fucked-up handstand Remember the "wheelbarrow" game when you were a kid? One kid had their hands on the ground, and the other kid picked up their legs at the knees, like wheelbarrow handles, and walked them around on their arms. Fast forward (quite) a few years, take off your clothes, and get the person holding up your legs to take a step or two further forward, and you have the Wheelbarrow standing sex position. Your arms are in push-up position, and your man stands behind you, holding you up by the hips, while you wrap your legs around his lower back. Sort of a modified standing position, since he's the only one on his feet, but there you go.

    Variations: The woman could rest her elbows on a bed, couch, etc. The man could kneel on the bed, with the woman on the floor in front of him. Both partners could move up onto the bed, with the man kneeling and the woman resting on her elbows, or laying on her chest. The woman could lay on her back, resting on her shoulders, on the bed, while the man stood next to the bed, holding up her hips.

Honorable Mention: Vertical 69 Just what it sounds like … the woman wraps her legs around the man's shoulders, and her arms around his hips. He holds her up by wrapping his arms around her waist. They perform oral sex on each other. Or at least they try to, for as long as the woman can hold on without blacking out or getting a serious headache.