Vasectomy and Ejaculation: Unexpected side-effects?

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Q: I had a vasectomy a couple of years ago and ever since I find it very hard to ejaculate , no problem with erectile function,and I still enjoy sex but it takes forever before I ejaculate, I have tried everything I can think of, could it be medical?

Well, I've searched all over the place for information about delayed ejaculation and vasectomy side effects, and I'm afraid I really didn't come up with anything. Delayed ejaculation is a fairly common side effect of many anti-depressants, but you didn't mention if you were taking any medication of that type.

One side effect of vasectomy is retrograde ejaculation, where the ejaculate backs up into the bladder instead of coming all the way out the urethra, but I imagine it would be difficult to confuse the two. Another side effect of vasectomy I found mentioned was chronic testicular pain … which is (thankfully!) also not your problem. Other issues that may cause delayed ejaculation are prostate problems, or spinal nerve damage.

If you're able to ejaculate within a normal amount of time during masturbation, but not during intercourse, the problem is likely psychological, and you might get relief through hypnotherapy or other counseling methods. If, on the other hand, your delayed ejaculation problems are universal, no matter what method of sexual stimulation you're using, it's more likely to be a physical problem.

Assuming you're not on anti-depressants, and it is in fact a universal problem, you should probably have a doctor check things out. You may want to get a prostate exam, or testicular ultrasound to look for possible physical causes.

Hope that's been of some help.