Vaginal Discharge: Everyone is different

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Q: I have always wanted to ask someone about this…It seems to me that my vagina secretes a LOT of discharge. And what I mean by a lot is that usually by the end of the day the crotch area of my underwear is covered in dried discharge (I have no STD's or infections; the discharge itself is clearish-white and not stinky). This is a source of major discomfort for me because I constantly fear someone somehow seeing my underwear and being grossed out and thinking I am diseased or unhygienic (I wash myself every morning down there). Sometimes there is more than usual, and I feel WET or I feel it squirt out and it makes me so nervous and annoyed! Does amounts of secretion have anything to do with vaginal size? I am pretty sure that my inner labia are larger than normal. Just a note in case thats where the answer lies.

wet panties
This is one of those things that falls under "everyone is different." It does sound like you produce more vaginal lubrication than average, and I can totally understand why that would be annoying (although you can be happy that you save money by not needing buy lube!). But so long as it doesn't have anything to do with an STD, it's nothing to actually worry about.

However, it doesn't have anything to do with vaginal size. In fact, the size of your labia has nothing to do with the size of the interior of your vagina. So, no need to worry about that.

I don't think there's anything you can do to permanently solve the issue, but if it's really causing you anxiety, there are a few of things you could do to help. One is wearing wear a thin pantyliner, if you're worried about your underwear getting soaked.

Another option, for occasional use only, is using a simple douche before you leave the house. Nothing fancy or perfumed, just a basic vinegar and water solution (look for something with a low pH, since the natural vaginal pH is around 4). It will help rinse out the discharge that's already accumulated inside, and delay the build up of discharge on your panties. However, it's not recommended to douche frequently, because it will disrupt your body's normal friendly bacteria, and can make you more susceptible to vaginal infections. Douching would be something to do right before a date, or if you have an important business meeting, or some other infrequent situation where your vaginal secretions cause you extra anxiety.

One last thing to consider is whether or not you wear panties while you're sleeping. If you do, stop. It's important for your genitals to get some "breathing time" every day, and this might help decrease the problem a little. (That's also a good reason to always wear cotton panties, or at least wear underwear with a cotton panel in the crotch. Synthetic materials don't breathe.)

Sorry I don't have a magic solution for you, but hopefully some of those suggestions will help.