Semen: Should it all be the same?

Q: is it normal for cum to have inconsistent texture? mine always has more than one: a runny clear fluid, runny milky, and a thick gooey milky one. all at the same time. i know i'm clear of any std's or other illnesses. it has been like that as long as i can remember

If you're otherwise healthy, and it's always been that way, then it's normal for you. In my experience, the first "spurt" of semen is always a bit different than the last, with variations in between. The thing to watch out for is any change in what's "normal" for you … but if everything is the same as it's always been, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

One thing I feel compelled to add here is never to watch porn and assume it has anything to do with what should be "normal". It's not uncommon in the adult movie industry to have cum "stand ins" for guys who don't shoot movie-quality "monster loads", so don't give it a moment of thought if your ejaculate doesn't look like what you see on DVDs or the internet! (To say nothing of the fact that I haven't talked to any women who are worried about their male partner's semen, unless they're trying to get pregnant and can't.) If you enjoy your sex life, and you're STD free, it's all good!

[added] It occurred to me today that I should add something here: Your level of overall hydration also affects the consistency of your cum. The more dehydrated you are, the less fluid your semen will be.

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