Can't Produce Sperm … why?

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Q: I cant prodice sperm whats wrong with me?

First off, you don't mention how old you are. There may not be anything wrong with you at all. Boys start producing sperm at around age 12, but don't reach full fertility until their mid-teens. And of course, some individuals start puberty later than others. So, if you're not starting puberty yet, there's nothing to worry about. You should start producing sperm during your first year of puberty, and reach full fertility 2-3 years later. If you reach your mid-teens and still aren't producing sperm, then it might be a sign of some developmental problem, and you'll want to check with a doctor.

Now, if you're an adult, the next question is whether or not you ever did start producing sperm. If you have in the past, and suddenly can't now, it may be due to some injury or illness … and you should definitely see a doctor about it. If you're an adult and never have produced sperm, it could be due to a genetic problem or early childhood injury. If you're worried about it, go to a doctor and try to find out what's wrong. But if it's been a lifelong problem, it may very well be permanent.