Anal Sex Hurts at First

Q: Im a female and sometimes anal sex hurts, it gets better in a few minutes but at the begining it hurts. What can i do to make the transition from pain to pleasure that much easier?

ways to make anal sex hurt less
There are a bunch of things you can do to help prevent pain with anal sex, and pretty much all of them fall into two categories: 1. Lube, and 2. Foreplay. With enough of the right kind of both, you should be able to completely eliminate pain at the start of anal sex!

LUBE: I can't stress this one enough: A good, thick, long-lasting lube is the single best thing you can use during anal penetration (whether you're using a toy, or a partner's penis). Many companies market numbing lube for anal sex, but unless you're really experienced with anal penetration, I definitely don't recommend it.

Something like Boy Butter or Maximus is excellent for anal sex. They're both very thick and won't wear off right away, which is exactly what you're looking for. Which one you like best is a matter of personal preference. Use your lube generously and use it often!

FOREPLAY: If you only experience pain at first, warming up with something smaller than your man (or your dildo of choice) is in order. If your partner isn't squeamish, having them lube up a finger or two is a perfect warm-up (and they can wear a rubber glove if they're worried about messy hands). Starting by 'tickling' around the anus—while conveniently spreading a little lube around—followed by slowly inserting one finger, and then maybe two, is not only a really hot addition to oral sex (for a man or a woman), but does a great job of getting the anal sphincter relaxed enough for more comfortable anal sex.

If fingers aren't going to be part of the game plan, starting with a a small anal toy is also a perfect way to get things ready for the main event. A small anal dildo, butt plug or a set of anal beads are all fun, and very stimulating, additions to foreplay or vaginal sex, and will really help relax your ass in preparation for full anal sex.

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  1. Sex Toys, Adam & Eve says:

    It's so true – lube and foreplay are the two most important aspects of comfortable anal play!

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