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Pleasurists #39 … Yow!

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Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #38? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #40? Submit it here before Sunday August 2nd at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

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On to the reviews…

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The Boss Lady Takes Charge…

No, it's not a Domina/submissive porn review, it's Babeland's exclusive Fun Factory vibe, the Boss Lady!

Fun Factory g-spot Boss Lady Vibe
My last excursion with a Fun Factory toy was their delectable Delight Vibe, so when I got the opportunity to take another of their products out for a test-drive, courtesy of, I sure wasn't going to pass it up!

I wavered back and forth between Fun Factory's ribbed G Twist, with their standard dial control at the base, in subdued, fairly dignified colors, and Babeland's exclusive Boss Lady, which came with Delight-esque push button controls and an intriguing "power booster" button their standard models lack. Problem? It's ZOMGWTFPWNBBQ HOT PINK. I kind of despise pink. But in the battle of Pink vs. Power Booster, the turbo button won out, and I soon found myself fondling the radioactive pink silicone Boss Lady while waiting for my AAA batteries to charge.

Appearance & Construction Like I said, the Boss Lady is PINK. I mean, the photo here doesn't do it justice. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was some kind of solidified alien ectoplasm. It's HOLY CRAP EYE-MELTING PINK. And the most amazing thing about it is that this little powerhouse actually made me forget about the color. Or at least not mind the color so much, because it's not a color you can really forget. Seriously.

Moving on past the color, which is surprisingly easy to do, the Boss Lady is made of the absolutely bestest vibrator silicone EVER. You may think that's an exaggeration, like my description of the color perhaps, but really it's not. Feeling up the silicone was almost enough to make me forgive the color before I even turned it on. This vibe feels downright scrumptious. It's velvety and squeezable, but still firm enough to be eminently functional.

I've heard stories about Fun Factory vibrators having difficult battery compartments, and I don't know if their usual dial-control design is harder to operate than the Boss Lady, but I had no problems with the battery compartment whatsoever. While it is true that the plastic bottom end of the vibe feels like the cheapest part, construction-wise, it's certainly nothing that interferes with the function or detracts overly from the form.

Function & Features Again, like it's distant cousin the Delight, the Boss Lady comes with multiple increasingly-intense steady vibration settings, and three pulsing vibration patterns. And holy crap does it vibrate. I've never used a stand-alone insertable vibe that put out the kind of sensation this one does. I don't know how much of that is due to Fun Factory's actual motor design, and how much is down to the vibration-transmitting qualities of their irresistable silicone, but wowzers.

When I had it turned up to maximum power, I didn't think the power booster button would even be noticeable, and it maybe isn't enough of an intensity boost to really tip you over the edge if the regular settings aren't enough, but it does make for a nice little bit of variety on top of the built-in settings.

One thing to keep in mind before investing in your own Boss Lady though is the size. She's a big-un in the world of insertable vibes. At almost 7 inches insertable length and 1 3/5 in. diameter, the Boss Lady pretty much demands lube for all but the most accomodating users. Some women may find the size is too much to handle enjoyably, so do consider whether you like girthy toys before shelling out for this one. I personally considered the size an enjoyable bonus. No complaints here!

Oh, and did I mention the noise??? I think this toy has the hands-down best power-to-noise ratio of any vibrator I've ever tried. Seriously, there is no noise to complain about. I mean, of course there's a leetle buzzing, but odds are if you like it half as much as I did, you'll be making enough noise to drown the Boss Lady out!

Technique & Conclusion This vibe is designed to stimulate your g-spot, along with everything else at the same time. Unlike a lot of g-spotting toys with narrow shafts and specially angled bulbs designed to create localized g-spot stimulation, the Boss Lady's girth means everything it touches definitely feels the effect. The curved shaft and pronounced ridge along the top of the head do give the g-spot noticeable extra stimulation, but I found the vibrations near the base were so strong I could even feel the buzzing in my clit!

What probably surprised me most about this toy though, is the fact that it's also one of the best clit vibes I own. I mean, it's obviously designed primarily for insertion, but the way Fun Factory's luscious silicone transmits vibration while still being soft enough to push against without discomfort is just unbelievable … Hey, Fun Factory, if you're listening, you seriously need to make a pocket-rocket sized clit vibe with a generous bulb of this silicone on the end. I will buy it IMMEDIATELY.

While I have yet to achieve my ultimate toy goal of a mind-blowing, squirting, no-clit-vibe-needed g-spot orgasm, I will say the Boss Lady easily achieved at least mind-blowing status when accompanied right at the end by a little bit of Pocket Rocket action. This automatically elevates this toy above almost all my others, as well as a goodly percentage of my past human partners. *ahem*

Ladies, if you can get past the color (and you won't know until you see it in person, because digital imaging can not yet replicate this particular shade of pink), and you like your vibes on the larger side, I feel entirely comfortable giving the Boss Lady two thumbs up. And ten curled toes to boot.

Another GINORMOUS Oral Sex Post

OK, we're going to do a little compilation post here, because while I was busy ignoring this poor website, over half the questions that piled up in the queue were about oral sex. Blow jobs, squirting girls, and so on… so in the interest of catching up on things in the most efficient way possible, here's Things You Can't Ask Mom's GINORMOUS Oral Sex Post:
oral sex information and advice

Q: if a guy does not cum in your mouth while your giving him a blow job, could you still get an std*? ~Ashley

I put your question first, Ashley, because the answer is SO important. In a word, YES!!! Herpes can be transmitted any time the sufferer has an open herpes sore & you come in contact with it. ESPECIALLY with the delicate tissue on the inside of your mouth or vagina. Genital warts (HPV) can be transmitted by contact with the growths, even if they're too small to notice. Other STDs can be transmitted in the pre-ejaculate fluid (most often called precum) that leaks out of the end of his penis before he orgasms. My advice? Don't touch a penis if you know the guy has any kind of sexually transmitted disease or infection. And if you don't know whether or not he does, don't touch it without a condom.

Q: Hi, me and my girlfriend are pretty open minded about sex, and trying new things, now we both like oral sex a lot and we were wondering if my girlfriend swallow's my cum 2or3 times a day will there be something bad or unhealthy for her? And she likes to suck me for 30 minutes and sometimes even 1hour, is there a problem about that? And what if i make her cum (SQUIRT) because she squirts really good, i mean really a lot and she can do it a lot of times, could i swallow her squirt? Or is it unhealthy for me? And the same for her, she wants to try and swallow her own cum ~Denny

First off, RIGHT ON you two! Damn it's nice to hear from people really getting in to getting each other off like that! :-) And to answer all your questions really simply: No, there's nothing wrong, dangerous, potentially harmful, or in any way bad about any of that. Enjoy the hell out of each other, you lucky things!

Q: What if the guy your giving head to is ghard to please? like no matter what you do he wont let yuo know if he likes whats your doing than what should you do? ~baby-d

Q: okay so me && my bf are kind of in a new relationship…but we often have sex atleat once 2 twice a week. i often go down on him && dont get the favor in return…(not complaining)but even during sex && when i go down on him he makes no noises or face AT ALL! it kills me. it makes me feel like i am not doing a good job. && mentioning it to him he says…"thats just who i am." how can i change that?! ~LDC

It's hellishly frustrating when your partner won't react openly enough to let you know if they like what you're doing. Whether or not you can do anything to change it is questionable. If the guy is just uptight or insecure about his own sexual reactions, you might be able to get him to loosen up by making noises of your own while you go down, like saying "MMmmm" while his dick is in your mouth (which also causes a nice little vibration for him), or squirming around like you're really getting into it, or lifting your head once in a while to tell him how much you enjoy sucking him off.

But if that doesn't help, there are just some people who aren't that active or demonstrative while they're receiving pleasure. Which sucks, but there really isn't much you can do about it. Try not to let it bother you. If he keeps wanting you to give him blow jobs, chances are he's enjoying it.

Q: my bf cums in less then 3 mins after i give him head i dnt swallow i spit but he cums fast Does he like it? THE LAST TIME HE DID ME WAS 2 YEARS AGO WE JUST HAD A BABY BUT DAMN ~Juicy Lips

First off, if you're giving your man oral and he won't return the favor even though you really want him to, he's being a selfish shit. Second off, I'm pretty sure any time a guy comes after 3 minutes of something, he's pretty much gotta be enjoying whatever's going on during those three minutes.

Q: How do i give a wonderful blow job ~Anonymous

Check out my first blow-job post, 10 Tips for Great Fellatio, and if that doesn't give you enough ideas, just click on the Oral Sex link in the Categories list over on the right hand side of the page for more. And most of all: Have fun!

Pleasurists Comes to Things You Can't Ask Mom!

by Massimo Innocenti

Pleasurists is a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days from bloggers all around the sex blogosphere. Did you miss Pleasurists #35? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #37? Submit it here before Sunday July 12th at 11:59pm PDT. Please re-post this list on your own blog if listed.

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On to the reviews…

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