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Make Room for the New Kid, Hitachi

Acuvibe Mini Stands up to the Magic Wand

The Acuvibe Mini is a powerhouse for it's size
I do love my Hitachi. I love my Hitachi so very much. But sometimes the cord is just a hassle, and it's too cumbersome for partner play. So, when I spotted the more compact & rechargeable Acuvibe Mini, in Babeland's review newsletter, I just had to give it a go, and boy am I glad I did!

Appearance & Construction: Much like the Hitachi and full-size Acuvibe, the Acuvibe Mini is a utilitarian looking toy. The body is made of hard plastic, and the vibrating head sits on a short flexible neck. There's a slight nub on one side of the head, but I suspect that's more useful for actual muscle massage than for recreational purposes. Of course, it's my luck to get the pink Mini to review, because the universe has a sense of humor like that, but it also comes in a neutral bluish-gray (as shown).

The Acuvibe Mini is roughly half the size of the Hitachi, and the big, huge, tremendous advantage is the built-in rechargeable power supply. Plug it in for 8 hours when you get it, plug it in every 2–3 uses after that, and you're set. No cumbersome cord tying you to the wall.

Function & Features: The Acuvibe Mini is a basic one-speed, non-insertable vibrator. The vibration intensity is roughly equivalent to the Low setting on a Hitachi Magic Wand, but at a seemingly slower vibration frequency (which may be a good or bad thing for different users … it's mostly a neutral difference to me).

It's pretty innocuous-looking, making it appealing for partner play with guys who aren't thrilled to invite gigantic fake dicks into bed with them, and you can even sneak it between the sheets by starting out using it for an effective back massage! This little bugger is perfectly strong enough to use for innocent, legitimate massage.

And, have I mentioned it's rechargeable?! ;-) These days I really can't see any reason to make your customers mess with replacing batteries all the time. Rechargeable power supplies have really come a long way in the size/weight department.

Technique & Conclusion: Technique? Switch on, hold against skin where ever it feels good. It's blessedly fool proof.

Conclusion? Buy the Acuvibe Mini if the following list describes you…
You love your Hitachi dearly, but:

  • …wish you didn't have to be within a few feet of a power outlet at all times.
  • …you'd like something a little more compact (and a bit quieter) as your traveling companion.
  • …want a similarly powerful but less cumbersome toy to enjoy with a good "friend".

…say hello to your vibrating knight in shining armour, the Acuvibe Mini!