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Too Short for Shower Sex? Get a boost!

can anyone tell me where I could get a waterproof box to stand on as we now have a fabulous wet room but can't do anything really because my husbands 6ft3 and I'm only 5ft3 I don't think he could lift me and we're really puzzeled as where to get something?

shower stools sex in the shower
Shower stools are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, some with adjustable height, some not. Most of them are specifically designed to help physically impaired people safely use their showers, so they're designed to support (in most cases) 250-300lbs. Most have non-slip rubber feet, or suction cup feet, and wide, flat seats.

I'm betting one of those would work perfectly for you! And congrats on the wet room … all I have is a teeny stall shower right now. I'm totally jealous!

Ingrown Hair: Prevention is worth a pound of cure

Q: Im a 22 year old female and although i dont have alot of hair "down there" i prefer to get rid of it. iv tried waxing epilating and shaving and even tho i exfoliate regularly regardless of the method i use i get huge red bumps and ingrown hair which i cant help but pick at. as a result my whole pubic area is full of scars and scabs. its gross! is there a solution to this?? thankyou!

There are a number of products out there especially designed to help with ingrown hair. One product I've heard especially highly recommended is Tend Skin. There's also a foam product designed especially for the bikini line, and some hydroxy acid pads that would help remove the skin blocking your hair follicles without the irritation of mechanical exfoliation.

But of course, the best way to deal with ingrown hair is to prevent it. You sound particularly prone to ingrown hair, so try to keep the following points in mind:

  • Don't use 'scrubbing' exfoliation when you have ingrown hair … that will just irritate your skin even more.
  • Start over. No matter how much it bugs you, try to let your hair grow out, and wait until all the ingrown hair and scabs have healed before you remove the hair again. Irritated, swollen hair follicles will just create more ingrown hairs if they don't get a chance to heal.
  • Wear looser clothing. If you wear a thong or small bikini underwear normally, switch to boyshorts, or even go commando for a while. Having your clothing rubbing against the skin all the time encourages ingrown hair.
  • Don't pick at ingrown hairs with your fingers … hold a warm compress (like a washcloth soaked in hot water) against your skin, until you can see the hair under your skin, and then carefully free the hair from the skin with tweezers. But don't pull the hair all the way out until the irritation heals.
  • Waxing can make you more prone to ingrown hair than shaving. Stick with shaving, and always use new, sharp razors.
  • Keep your skin moisturized. Dry, tough skin is more prone to ingrown hair.
  • Try using one of the products mentioned above when you do start shaving again, to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Hope that helps! I've never had a major problem with ingrown hair in that area, but those are tips that have helped friends of mine who did.

Abstinence: Are there side-effects?

Q: what happens to the body when you use to have sex and you don't any more what things the body go throuh

chastity belt, enforced abstinence
Well, besides potential emotional frustration, not very much. If you continue to masturbate, especially if a woman masturbates with a dildo, to exercise the vaginal muscles similarly to penile insertion, nothing much is going to change, as far as I know.

If you don't masturbate? I shudder to think of a life with NO orgasms … but scientific studies have suggested that for men, regular ejaculation can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The neurochemical reactions to orgasm can also help alleviate depression, improve overall mood, and possibly even boost the immune system.

That said, a lot of religious and spiritual groups have long histories of associating complete sexual abstinence with spiritual enlightenment, and a good many ascetics of this sort live to ripe old ages. Probably more to do with the fact that they also do not drink or drug, or eat to excess, than with a lack of sexual pleasure though.

Threesomes: How does THAT work?

threesomes girl-girl-boy three-way

threesomes…how? it just doesn't make sense to me.

Goodness, I wish you'd been more specific! So, I'll assume you're asking how a threesome (or ménage à trois) works physically. Considering you can have three women, three men, two men and a woman or two women and a man, the positions possible in all four combinations are … well, very very numerous.

I'll just try to do a basic, vague rundown of different ways a threesome could work … let's assume that any same sex participants are either bi or gay, and that strap-ons and other toys are acceptable to everyone involved …

  • The participants can take turns having one-on-one sex, while the third person watches
  • If a woman is involved the other two participants can penetrate her simultaneously vaginally and anally (double penetration, or DP, is hugely popular in porn movies)
  • Person A can penetrate person B anally or vaginally, while person B performs oral sex on person C.
  • Person A can perform oral sex on person B, while person B performs oral sex on person C, and person C can perform oral sex on person A … is your head spinning yet?
  • All three people can give each other hand jobs.
  • Person A can penetrate person B while person B penetrates person C
  • Two people can simultaneously perform oral sex on the third person, while giving each other a hand job …

… and the list goes on. Really, the possibilities are probably only limited by your imagination and everyone's level of open-mindedness. If you're curious, and you're in a relationship, you could mention the idea to your partner and see if s/he might be interested in trying a threesome with you. If you're single, and interested, personal ads (both in newspapers and online) often feature ads from couples seeking a third partner.

Unfortunately, Adam & Eve discontinued Nina Hartleys "how to" videos about threesomes, which would be more entertaining for someone who's just curious, but not really intent on trying a ménage à troi. But if you're actually interested in trying a three-way, Amazon carries a couple of highly rated books on how to start, manage and enjoy three-partner sexual encounters. Threesomes: How to Fulfill Your Favorite Fantasy, which concentrates mostly on two woman/one man threesomes, and The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to SLEEPING WITH THREE. Both books are written by people with experience with menage-a-trois sex and three-way relationships.